Identify key characteristics used to age and score your next white-tailed deer before harvesting!

 Contains 8 pages with 22 color photographs featuring key characteristics used to age and score white-tailed deer before harvesting.

 Identify characteristics used to field score a buck “while on the hoof” utilizing the Boone and Crockett (B&C) scoring system.

 Calculate the B&C score of your deer by following the enclosed step-by-step instructions (blank score sheet is provided for easily calculating B&C score).

 Determine proper shot placement by identifying the internal organs of a white-tailed deer.

 All photographs were made by respected author and premier white-tailed deer photographer, Mike Biggs.

 A valuable management and educational tool, the new Field Guide to Aging and Scoring White-tailed Deer is a must for all hunters and landowners.

 Printed on laminated card stock for field utility.

In recent years, there has been tremendous interest in trophy management for white-tailed deer. Three things are needed to grow trophy deer: genetics, nutrition and AGE. Many are finally realizing the importance of allowing a buck to reach maturity.

This new field guide, from G&R Products, highlights key characteristics used to identify four age classes of deer: Young (1½ -2½ years of age); Middle-Aged (3 ½-4 ½ years of age); Mature (5 ½-6 ½ years of age); and, Old (7 ½+ year of age).

Four pictures of each age class are represented on a “split page” format. This “split page” format allows you to easily compare characteristics between the different age classes (without turning pages).

The guide also contains information used to field score a buck while “on the hoof” utilizing the Boone and Crockett (B&C) scoring system. In addition, a photograph outlining the internal anatomy of a white-tailed deer is included in the guide. This photograph identifies the location of internal organs for proper shot placement.

How old was that 16" wide, 8-point you shot? Was he 2½..harvested four years before his prime? Or was he a 7½ year old "management buck" (a buck which should have been culled from the herd 3 years earlier)? Identifying the age of the deer you harvest is vital to any wildlife or land management program...
Upon harvest, view the lower right jaw and simply match the tooth wear pattern of the harvested animal to the Deer Aging Tool...
Designed by wildlife biologists, the Deer Aging Tool was created with utility in mind and provides a quick, easy and inexpensive way to estimate the age of your harvested deer. More importantly, it provides immediate results while in the field! Utilizing the Deer Aging Tool, one can categorize the harvested animal into the following four age classes...

Field Guide to Aging
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