Quick & easy way to age harvested white-tailed deer
No training or experience necessary
Simply match tooth wear pattern to the Deer Aging Tool
Featured Product
Eight separate age classes (1½-8½ years of age)
Ideal for hunters, landowners, ranchers, biologists, etc.
Molded from actual jaws of
North American white-tailed
Includes: Field Guide to Aging and Scoring White-tailed Deer.
(A $9.99 value)

Product includes:

Deer Aging Tool, Field Aging Guide, and Quick Tip Guide


How old was that 16" wide, 8-point you shot? Was he 2..harvested four years before his prime? Or was he a 7 year old "management buck" (a buck which should have been culled from the herd 3 years earlier)? Identifying the age of the deer you harvest is vital to any wildlife or land management program...
Upon harvest, view the lower right jaw and simply match the tooth wear pattern of the harvested animal to the Deer Aging Tool...
Designed by wildlife biologists, the Deer Aging Tool was created with utility in mind and provides a quick, easy and inexpensive way to estimate the age of your harvested deer. More importantly, it provides immediate results while in the field! Utilizing the Deer Aging Tool, one can categorize the harvested animal into the following four age classes...
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